Checkmate Chess Supplement Story

Our Story

When looking at the world of chess, a few things were clear. The competitors are incredibly talented at what they do, chess has an avid following of players trying to improve, and modern nutrition hasn’t entered the game. For professionals who spend 10+ hours at tournaments and undergo the mental and physical strain of professional athletes, why are there no supplements to optimize their performance? This is the problem that we wanted to fix. 
Players study for decades in hopes of becoming masters, but when it comes to game-day, they don’t have anything more sophisticated than a cup of coffee. At best, players were using simple caffeine or pre-workout made for office workers or esports athletes. We seek to change that. We set out to formulate, produce, and distribute a first-of-its-kind nutritional supplement to aid chess players in their quest for victory. After months of research, we finally found the correct dosages, ingredients, and packaging to optimize chess playing performance.
Checkmate provides calm, clear, and targeted focus for Chess players to play their best. Our ingredients have been shown to improve focus and cognitive ability, enhance memory recall, reduce stress and jitters, and more.  Whether over the board or online, Checkmate will keep you cool and laser-focused during even the toughest situations. Whether you're struggling to hold a pawn-down endgame under time pressure, trying to remember the 17th move of your queenside-castle Sicilian Dragon line, or looking for that final tactical blow to justify your piece sac, checkmate is on your side. 
Our team is incredibly excited to share this with you and help you improve your game. 
Checkmate was created by chess players, for chess players.
Checkmate: Mate in Two