Our Formula

Our product is completely unique and distinct from other pre-workouts and brain supplements.  Checkmate was created by chess players, for chess players, using a combination of chess and supplement expertise.  No other product meets the unique psychological and physical needs that come with high-level chess performance.  Checkmate aims to provide the player with sharp, alert focus without the jitters, jumpiness, or elevated stress that come from traditional pre-workouts or energy drinks.  We have combined the most effective ingredients for chess players, and our ingredient-list is short and easy to understand; we want to make sure everyone can appreciate all of the benefits that Checkmate offers. Our all-natural formula creates a relaxed cognitive clarity that benefits spatial creativity, memory recall, problem solving, and mental endurance.  Whether you’re trying to hold a pawn-down rook endgame under time pressure, struggling to remember your favorite theoretical line in the opening, or looking for a sicilian dragon mate-in-6 before your own king is hunted, Checkmate is on your side. Let’s take a closer look at the science behind our unique formula.  

1. Theanine

Checkmate includes 200mg of theanine, an amino acid which is primarily in tea leaves. It has been shown, incredibly, to increase focus while simultaneously decreasing levels of stress and anxiety. In studies, theanine has improved cognitive performance and attention, decreased blood pressure, and decreased resting heart rate. It increases alpha-frequency brain waves to reduce stress without inducing drowsiness. For more information, see the scientific studies below:
Five randomized-controlled trials with a total of 104 participants found L-theanine reduced stress and anxiety in people who were experiencing stressful situations.
Theanine increases relaxation and reduces heart rate without drowsiness.
Theanine boosts alpha waves and promotes alert relaxation.

2. Ginkgo Biloba

This is another ingredient that you will almost never find in other “pre-workout” products. Ginkgo Biloba, also known as the maidenhair tree, is one of the most ancient of any living species, tracing back 175 million years to the Jurassic era. Ginkgo Biloba extract reduces blood pressure and cortisol release (the primary chemical responsible for stress), helping the brain to be resilient during tough situations. It has also been shown to improve memory, recall, and blood flow to the brain.
Ginkgo Biloba decreases blood pressure rise and cortisol release in stressful situations.
Ginkgo Biloba increases blood flow to the brain.
Ginkgo Biloba improves recall and memory.
Ginkgo Biloba improves memory.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine needs almost no introduction, and Checkmate uses only the highest quality caffeine from green tea extract. Caffeine is the most popular stimulant in the world, and it has been used to enhance performance in nearly every physical and mental activity. Specifically though, caffeine has been shown to have synergistic effects with theanine, another Checkmate ingredient, and is made more efficient by the presence of Checkmate’s total formula. In the world of chess, one study of over 3,000 games found that rated chess players played 9% better after taking caffeine.
Caffeine enhances Chess performance.
Caffeine improves memory consolidation.
Caffeine and Theanine improve cognitive performance, attention, and alertness.

4. Choline

Choline (in the form of choline bitartrate in checkmate) is a nutrient similar to b vitamins that can be found in meat, beans, nuts, fish, vegetables, etc. It is a classic, powerful brain supplement that improves attention, memory, and cognitive ability by increasing the number of important neurotransmitters in the brain. Choline has often been cited as an important marker of brain health, and has an inverse correlation with diseases like Alzheimer's. It is beneficial both for your one-time chess performance and your long-term brain health.
Choline improves attention, working memory, and cognitive ability.
Choline improves memory and learning ability.
Decreased choline-based brain activity associated with increased symptoms of brain disease.